For most of my adult life I’ve owned restaurants.
Sometime around 2011, just a few years after the “great recession”, I decided I wanted to take more control of my restaurant marketing and restaurant advertising.
Being able to create my own postcard campaigns, make my own point-of-sale signage and maintain my website would allow me to be more consistent, creative and flexible with my marketing goals.
It seemed like every restaurant in town had several specials running at that time. So, taking more control of my marketing couldn’t have been more important. I knew the biggest factor in this effort, if it was to work at all, was that I needed great food photography. It had to look professional. It had to sell my food. It was survival!

I bought myself a Canon EOS 6D, which is a full-framed digital camera, and immersed myself in all things photography. I quickly realized food photography is all I wanted to do.
I enrolled and earned my Professional Photographer Certificate through a program at UCSD, joined the local chapters of a couple of Photography Associations, shot for a local coupon magazine in order to start learning the process of shooting for other restaurants and joined a Food Photography Club, for which I am still heavily involved in. All while still owning a restaurant or two.

Aside from talking with my customers and creating new menu items, shooting the food images and thinking up creative marketing strategies to sell that food were my favorite tasks of being a restaurant owner. I’m happy say my we made it through that bad time!

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