Basic Day-Rate & Half-Day Rate Packages

On location - Packages Option 1 $1500 - 1 Day (Up to 12 separate menu items maximum)

Option 2 $750 - 1/2 Day (Up to 6 separate menu items maximum)

Each Package Includes:

  • Full day (8 hour) shoot, or half day (4 hour) shoot

  • One lighting setup for all images (For additional lighting setups additional charges will apply)

  • One shot angle for all images (For additional shot angles additional charges will apply)

  • One surface and background for all images.

  • One Chef Portrait

  • Basic post-production editing for all images, which includes basic white balance correction, color correction and image sizing for intended usage. For any additional editing please see below.

  • Electronic delivery of final images.

  • Basic Props (Which if needed includes various: White dishware, ramekins, drink glasses, cutting boards, serving dish, pizza pans) For additional props please see below.

If the packages you see here don’t fit within your needs, I would be more than happy to discuss and write up a Proposal/Estimate for you.

Intended Usage & *Licensing Fee $500 (Included in Day-rate)

$250 (Included in 1/2 Day-rate)

*License & Usage Fee is for a non-exclusive three year term. Copyright not included.

Fees Separate from Packages

Food Stylist Fee $500

Prop Stylist Fee $500

Prop Rental Fee $200

Addition Post Image Processing $10 per image

Also, below, please find a list of very important questions that are critical for me to know before the day of the shoot, in order to provide you with the best images I can for your business.

  1. What type of food would you like me to photograph?

  2. Do you have a shot list?  If not, who can provide one?

  3. What kind and how many images do you have in mind? 

  4. How soon do you need the images?

  5. How will the images be used?

  6. What is the distribution and frequency of distribution?

  7.  What is the period of use?

  8. What type of licensing do you need for the images?

  9. Who will be styling the food?  Me, your chef or do we need to bring in a food stylist?

  10. Are props involved?  If so, who will provide them?

  11. What style of shoot are you looking for?  If possible, could you send me links with the image style you have in mind?

  12. Will the shoot be on location?  Is that location outside of San Diego?

  13. Is there electricity I can use on location?    

I know it seems like a lot, but good communication is important for a successful food shoot.

Please use the form on the "Contact" page to answers as many of the questions as you can.  Or to email them to

Thank you, and have a nice day :)