In regards to pricing the job, in most cases, the general public knows very little about how food photography is priced.  Food photography is based on the complexity of each individual job, which is very different than pricing for other types of photography like weddings or events.  Also, because we are helping our clients to derive income from our images, that requires us to know additional information about the shoot.  Like, what will be the distribution or geographic use of the image?  Local, regional, national, international?  What type of media use will it have?  Will it be used for electronic media, consumer ads, trade ads, magazine, point-of-purchase or billboards?  Also, how long will it be used...etc.etc. 

All that, and many other questions specific to the project need to be answered before the shoot ever starts.

Below is the type of the information that is needed:

  1. What is the scope of the project?

  2. What type of food would you like me to photograph?

  3. Do you have a shot list?  If not, who can provide one?

  4. What kind and how many images do you have in mind? 

  5. How soon do you need the images?

  6. How will the images be used?

  7. What is the distribution and frequency of distribution?

  8.  What is the period of use?

  9. What type of licensing do you need for the images?

  10. Who will be styling the food?  Me, your chef or do we need to bring in a food stylist?

  11. Are props involved?  If so, who will provide them?

  12. What style of shoot are you looking for?  If possible, could you send me links with the image style you have in mind?

  13. Will the shoot be on location?  Is that location outside of San Diego?    

I know it seems like a lot, but knowing the answers to these questions allows me to provide you with an end result that best communicates, at a glance, what you and your business are all about.

Please use the form on the "Contact" page to answers as many of the questions as you can.  Or to email them to

Thank you