"There is nothing that communicates your message as quickly and thoroughly as a great photograph."  - APA (American Photographic Artists)


Why you need a professional food photographer when shooting food...

In food photography, more so than in any other type of photography, there are many elements that need to come together to make a successful image. Actually, taking the photo is only half of the process. 

The photographer literally needs to create "the set", which is designed to lead the viewer to the "hero" or main dish.  Knowing and using lighting principles to capture and utilize light in a way that will bring out the texture and color of the product is a must, and it's the first step in taking an image from an ordinary snapshot to an appetizing image of food your customers will want to buy. 

Secondly, a photographer who specializes in food knows how to "plate" the food in order to make it look clean to the viewer, or how to clean it up when it doesn't.  Also, we must know which style of plates, colors and props to use that will compliment and highlight the food, not take away from it.  It's true, many larger projects use a Food Stylist and/or a Prop Stylist to assist the photographer with these tasks, but when they are not present we take over those duties as well .  

Lastly, not only can a good food photographer recreate the ideal image on demand in whatever location and situation they are in, more often than not, they orchestrate all of it under an extreme time limit.  Fresh basil will not look the same after even 15 or 20 minutes at room temperature!

As you can see there are many steps involved to create a beautiful image of food. 

I exclusively photograph food and beverages or anything related to restaurants, so when you hire me, you don't get a photographer who shoots food photos on the side, you get someone who studies food photography.  In addition, I understand how and why the images need to work for your restaurant, because I've always had to approach my own photography from that angle.          

If you would like to book a session with me, or talk further about how this all works, please use the contact form below, or if you like, email me at Teri@terijsurrattphotography.com  

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